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Genre : Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen, Sports
Date Aired : Apr 4, 2006 - Sept 27, 2006
OVA Aired : Nov 17, 2010 - ongoing
Episodes : 25 + 1 Special
OVA Episode: 04
Minami Itsuki never thought about seriously riding Air Treck motorized roller blades, until he got his butt handed to him by a street gang of Storm Riders. That day, he discovered in a locked up room, a pair of AT's and a box of stickers belonging to the Sleeping Forest street gang. One thing leads to another, and Ikki dons the wheels and begins to ride. As his reputation builds in the AT street fighting/racing world, he begins to develop his own gang and participate in more fights, gaining more and more territory.

Episode 1 (The Invincible Baby Face) : Raw 3gp | Indo 3gp
Episode 2 (Screams of the Rez-Boa Dogs) : Eng 3gp | Indo 3gp
Episode 3 (Enter the Night Kings) : Eng 3gp | indo 3gp
Episode 4 (A Battle for Kazu, Onigiri, and My Pride) : Eng 3gp | Indo 3gp
Episode 5 (My Body, My Heart Is Being Set Aflame) : Eng 3gp | Indo 3gp
Episode 6 (It's a Rematch! I'll Get My Emblem Back!) : Eng 3gp
Episode 7 (What's Wrong with Rejection? Onigiri, We're Comrades) : Eng 3gp
Episode 8 (Defeat Orihara-sensei's Supplementary Exam: Let's Rediscover Ton-chan-sensei's Past) : Eng 3gp
Episode 9 (Clash! Buffalo vs. Great White Shark) : Eng 3gp
Episode 10 (Agito, I'll Drag You Up from the Bottom of the Well) : Eng 3gp
Episode 11 (Team Kogarasumaru Take-off) : Eng 3gp
Episode 12 (She's Finally Here: the Savior Rider) : Eng 3gp
Episode 13 (What Do You Mean by Icarus' Wings? I'll Show You My Talent, Rika-nee) : Eng 3gp
Episode 14 (Collision! The Old & New Sky King's Heir vs. the Old & New Sleeping Forest) : Eng 3gp
Episode 15 (I'll Cut Off the Shackle of Thorns) : Eng 3gp
Episode 16 (Let's Go, Kogarasumaru) : Eng 3gp
Episode 17 (The Cube Battle in Hell: Kogarasumaru Evolves) : Eng 3gp
Episode 18 (Finally a Win) : Eng 3gp
Episode 19 (The Fang's Regalia of destiny is howling) : Eng 3gp
Episode 20 (It's finally the end) : Eng 3gp
Episode 21 (Genesis strikes) : Eng 3gp
Episode 21.5 (Special Trick) : Eng 3gp
Episode 22 (The battle for Agito's documents) : Eng 3gp
Episode 23 (Genesis's Kansai Division Appears) : Eng 3gp
Episode 24 (A true spirit's battle!) : Eng 3gp
Episode 25 (I'm a genius!) : Eng 3gp


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malezzz...3gp semua ...

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