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Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

kanokon | hentai uncensored video

Genres: comedy, romance, supernatural
Themes: Ecchi
Episode : 12
Plot Summary: Kanokon's story revolves around Kouta Oyamada, a young first-year high school student who moves from the country to the city and thus transfers to Kunpo High School. On his first day at his new school, a beautiful second-year female student named Chizuru Minamoto asks him to meet her alone in the music room. When he arrives, she reveals that she is in fact a fox deity and from that day on the two hang out together. Nozomu is a first year female student at Kouta's school, she is in fact a wolf deity and in love with Kouta, and a rival of Chizuru for Kouta's affections.

Episode 1 (Doing It for the First Time?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 2 (Are We Becoming One?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 3 (Eat Deliciously?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 4 (Can't Take It Off?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 5 (It Doesn't Work Anymore?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 6 (Can I Ask This of You?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 7 (Won't You Warm Me Up?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 8 (Should We Enter Together?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 9 (Can You Feel It?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 10 (Shall I Show Restraint?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 11 (I'm Getting Wet Already?) : Eng Avi hp
Episode 12 (Can We Finally Do It?) : Eng Avi hp
ova 1 : ova 1 download
Ova 2 : Ova 2 download

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